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  • odex
    what pattern shoul i choose for weather monitoring station that automatically record readings such as temp, wind speed, humidity etc using a sensors 4 different readings
    March 2011 Comment
    • Not sure what phone you have, but you will need to put your phone into recovery mode. If you have CWM (clock work mod) inlsalted on your phone, you can use that to reboot the phone into recovery (when you turn off your phone there should be an option there). Or you can turn off your phone (every phone will be different), there will be a certain key combination that you will need to press while the phone is turning on to send the phone into recovery mode (Ex. Samsung Galaxy S, you have to hold up the volume key + home key+power key all at the same time until the start up screen). Once in recovery mode, select the option Install zip from sd card , navigate until you find the file, select the file. Last step, you might have to select reboot phone . Give your phone time to load, so just put it aside and let it do its thing.
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    February 2011 Comment