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    January 2011 Comment
    • I was seiolusry at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.
    • By :RE: I see your point, but my response is the same. A reoecvry, 12 years on, looks like you're still well in the hole compared to where you started. The U.S. will survive, reoecvry will happen, but life will be very different than it is today. First and foremost the government probably won't be there to catch you if you fall. Life will be simpler, and for many more enjoyable. We'll all do more with less. One positive change- I just read that if you have heavy debts you're 11 times more likely to experience significant back pain. That issue will be resolved for many. In the new world, if you can't save up the money and pay cash, you probably don't buy a lot of those things you have today.My only real concern about reoecvry is that it could get ugly in the cities where too many depend on the government and have little to fall back on. Did you know that 20% of the residents of L.A. county are dependent on welfare? What happens when CA and then the feds have to cut those programs?where we started is 300, not 1300. I have been talking reoecvry since august as per the US stock market. we have been talking about a reoecvry on seattlebubble for the last month or so. I don't care where we started. I care about when the reoecvry began and where we are going. I care about where we are going from there.the whole point about the maylasia is that it was worse there but they recovered off the bottom.. nobody at 300 probably ever saw a reoecvry like that to 1300. the move off the bottom was most likely improbable. if they can do it. we can do it. 1300 is water under the bridge.the gold haters always talk about 1980, but the gold bug's are talking about $250 and the giant bounce from that levels. where the high was is irrelevant. e2809cThe economic reoecvry of most of the crisis countries has been more rapid than anticipated by many observers. The pessimistic scenarios developed during the height of the problems have been avoided.e2809dsound familiar? Rate this comment: 0 0
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