there is need of an Object from One JVM TO Another JVM Which Design pattern would i prefer?

hi all

I need Object that is across Different JVM 's so which Design pattern would i prefer do the needfull.

Rajasekhar Yenduva


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    I don't know a design pattern especially for this issue.

    You can serialize the object on disk or in db using Read/write lock pattern(java provides an interface for that java.util.concurrent.locks.ReadWriteLock). Each time a JVM needs its data will load it if was changed by another thread. You can also take a look on some design patterns you might use: Semaphor and Mutex.

    If you want to avoid using the disk or the db, you can use one jvm as a master and keep the object and to distribute to other jvm instances.
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    You can yous a DTO(Data Transfer Object) design pattern
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