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Adidas Yeezy Boost 350V2 Dark Green Real Boost,Eddie stunned the coach of the other party. This person must have known the discord between the two little guys. Only when such a tactic is used, half-time man-marking is the easiest to break through, but without Dademond. With the inside line as a cover, Luo Yun’s chances of success at the rim are too low. This is why the other side is so easy to make a foul on Luoyun in the first quarter, and the character of Luoyun is not successful. I will definitely make a second attempt to hold him back. However, this time, Luo Yun will certainly not be fooled again. After reaching a temporary agreement with Dedmond, Luo Yun began his gorgeous performance.

Nike Air Max 97 Swarovski Black, In the eyes of Eddie, Luo Yun’s most praiseworthy is not his sharp breakthrough and gorgeous passing, but the whimsy in the little guy’s mind. Many incredible passes are from his little brain. It is more important to have a creative player than a good scorer. Luo Yun looked at the scoreboard on the court and directly turned over the other side's pg Samson Jackson. Samson knew that he had prejudged the wrong moment when he passed him. The Chinese-American little guy didn't play cards according to common sense. When defending him, he couldn't think of which side he chose to make a breakthrough, and the opponent's realistic fake action had already fooled Samson no less than five times.

Adidas Pure BOOST Grey White,Luo Yun rushed past the basket directly after Samson, and Dedmond did not stand still as in the previous game, but the first time to cover, but the other side's power forward Tony Clive couldn't think of this black big man actually turned his temper, and he didn't react at the same time!On the side of Leonard, he gave up the defense against Picker in the first time and ran to the free-throw line. Anyway, this guy has no offensive ability. It can be used as a soy sauce, but he did not think that Luo The cloud made a pretend layup at the moment he saw him, but the basketball flew into the so-called soy sauce Goppel.