children room floor board how choose and buy

wooden floor because the characteristic with the environmental protection of oneself and soft texture, what use in children room is very much, the sort of market load floor is very much nevertheless, when we are choosing children room floor board, must cause so take seriously, so Where is the floor board that how chooses children room? 

Children room floor board uses what data: 

The floor with different qualitative capable person, its function, price have very big difference, floor material can divide character for: Real wood floor, solid wood floor, aggrandizement wood floor, cork floor and bamboo floor board these a few kinds. 

What exterior of real wood floor appears is natural log grain and colour design, give a person the simple sense with natural, downy, rich affinity; Solid wood adds up to a floor to have good stability, the natural wood grain that withheld real wood floor and comfortable foot feel; Aggrandizement wood floor compares wear-resisting, breed of design and color is more, colors style, emulate all sorts of natural or man-made decorative pattern; The different color that cork floor can plant by different tree, the picture with different make it; Bamboo floor has the natural grain of bamboo, pure and fresh and cultured. 

So we can know, real wood floor relatively environmental protection, foot feels comfortable; It is good that solid wood adds up to floor stability, wear-resisting; Aggrandizement is compound floor special wear-resisting; Cork floor is soft, prevent slippery, quiet tone effect is good; Bamboo floor exterior is pure and fresh, off color is little, exterior hardness is tall. 

Demand of children room floor board: 

Environmental protection: 

Children and teenage body are in development state of affairs, weaker to the counteractive ability of harmful material, the demand of environmental protection sex that decorates pair of floors because of this children room is very high. When the website warns floor board of choose and buy, the attention examines the environmental protection level of the floor, level of environmental protection of best choose and buy is the product of E0, decorate the harm that pollutes pair of children in order to decrease. 

The foot has felt: 
The child likes barefoot commonly to-and-fro in the room, because this had better choose a foot to feel better, compare soft floor. At the same time skid resistance can should better, prevent the child easy trip. At the same time concave and convex decorative pattern and aperture blunder easily also the child of toddle, floor surface is so slick level is very important. 
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