Is r7 240 video card a good choice?

After some time ago we had time to test the Radeon R7 250 by HIS, this time our test lab re-arrival of other graphics cards from similar manufacturers. Graphics card is none other than the younger brother of HIS Radeon R7 250 iCooler Boost, the HIS Radeon R7 240 iCooler Boost. AMD itself targets the Radeon R7 240 to be sold at a lower price range than its older brother, with an MSRP of $ 69. GPU on Radeon R7 240 itself is still one derivative of the Radeon R7 250 considering they still use a similar architecture. Curious how about the performance of Radeon R7 240 when used to run the game in circulation today? Check out our complete test below!

The Radeon R7 240 graphics processing unit is Oland Pro aka short version of the Oland XT / Cape Verde LE GPU chip. AMD trimmed the Oland XT chip from 6 CU to 5 CU making Radeon R7 240 has 320 Stream Processor, 20 Texture Units, and 8 ROP Units. Oland Pro still uses a 28 nm fabrication process with 2.8 billion transistors in it.

If the Radeon R7 250 can be present in two variants with DDR3 and GDDR5 memory types, then on Radeon R7 240, AMD only allows the use of DDR3 type memory. In addition the most basic difference from Radeon R7 250 and Radeon R7 240 apart from the GPU chip is the use of lower clock specs that is 780 MHz for maximum GPU clock. Meanwhile 2GB of DDR3 memory operates at clock speed 1800 MHz. The use of DDR3 memory does make the total bandwidth is reduced by almost half of the GDDR5 type. However there is one interesting thing where Radeon R7 240 has a very low TDP value of 30 Watt just so it is very friendly in terms of power consumption.

Mantle is the latest API from AMD that can be an alternative to Microsoft's DirectX API. Mantle is currently optimized for GCN architecture (Graphics Core Next) where the architecture can be found since Radeon HD 7000 Series (Southern Island). In theory, Mantle will make the game run more smoothly because the game is able to fully utilize the ability of a graphics card, especially GCN graphics card. In the near future, DICE will soon implement the Mantle API in their latest game, Battlefield 4.

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Radeon R9 200X gets updates on Eyfinity technology where this graphics card can run the multi-monitor configuration using DVI + DVI + HDMI connector. In previous generation graphics cards, the Eyefinity configuration requires the use of the Display Port connector. Of course this will facilitate the user,

Radeon R9 / R7 200X get other updates on Discrete Digital Multi-Point Audio technology which is now combined with Smart Channel Splitting technology. When users use the Eyefinity configuration where each monitor has speakers in it, the user will get the left, middle, and right front speakers configurations as in surround sound configuration

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