the skin problem that are not usual acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems. Everyone at least once had a pimple on his face. But so generally, many people who mistakenly think the red nodule on his face just normal facial acne - when it may be more serious than that. There are some skin problems that cause acne-like symptoms. What are the skin problems?
Various skin problems are mistaken for facial acne, but it is not
1. Pitisporum folliculitis

Pitisporum folliculitis is a skin fungal infection that causes irritated and inflamed hair follicles. These skin conditions show symptoms similar to normal facial acne. Pitisporum folliculitis can be experienced by men and women because almost everyone has yeast on their skin. However, only a few will experience this follicle irritation.

Usually, yeast is present in areas of skin that have high levels of oil, such as the back and the face. Well, when the oil content increases, the yeast will grow and multiply. Then, the yeast will drain the pus and close the oil glands. This is what most people think of as facial acne.
2. Gram negative folliculitis

Unlike pitisporum folliculitis, hair follicle irritation is caused by gram-negative bacteria. So, this bacterial infection often occurs in patients who use antibiotics in the long term to overcome rosacea.

Oral antibiotics used for a long time, will cause normal bacterial changes in the skin. This then makes the bacteria grow and eventually infect. The symptoms of infection that appear will be like acne.
3. perioral dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis is a skin problem that causes symptoms of red nodules that are almost like facial acne. These skin problems often appear on the part around the mouth. Skin irritation is a lot due to the use of steroid cream in the long term.

Steroid creams are usually used as acne medication, if used in a long time can cause perioral dermatitis. Usually, when this happens, the dermatologist will replace your steroid cream and give antibiotics to overcome the dermatitis that occurs.
4. Ingrown hair (hair grows inward)

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Ingrown hair is a condition of hair that grows into the skin, not out of the skin. When these hairs grow into the skin, it will usually appear small bumps, skin irritation, and a little pain. Chronic ingrown hair can cause keloid to darkening of the skin.

For men, this skin problem will be like facial acne because it occurs more on the beard and chin. Usually, this skin problem will appear after you shave fine hairs.