your program pattern to build muscle

Dumbell push ups are a variation of practice from push ups, which distinguishes is the use of dumbbell as a medium of practice. Dumbbell push ups also prove to be very effective in shaping and enlarging arm muscles quickly.
How to do dumbbell push ups is pretty easy and almost the same as push ups:

    Position the body as will do push ups.
    grasp the dumbbell and use the dumbbell as the support of both hands.
    Perform push-up movements with a dumbbell cousin.
    Do this regular and routine exhaustion for 1 week.
    How to form a muscle of this one arm you can vary such as lifting one dumbbell with one hand after completion of one push up.

Regenerade Dumbbell Row
Almost the same as dumbbell push ups, regenerade dumbbell rows is one of the pushup variations that can help build your arm muscles within 1 week if done regularly.
this exercise movement is as follows:
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    Position the body as it would do a push up like the previous exercise.
    place the dumbbell below as a load and pedestal.
    do push ups with the movement of lifting the body with one hand only and the other hand lift dumbbell.
    Lower the body slowly until it returns to its original position.
    Do 12 to 15 repetitions regularly every day.

Bench Dips
Bench dips is one of the exercises that rest on the arm muscle so it can form and enlarge the arm muscles. Bench dips themselves can be done using a bench as a workout medium.
The movement of the dips bench to form and enlarge the arm muscles is as follows:

    Place your arms on a bench or table.
    Push the body down slowly.
    Hold body position for a while.
    Lift the body and return to its original position.
    Repeat this exercise regularly and regularly.

Weighted Bench Dips
Almost the same as the dips bench this exercise uses the bench as its medium. However the weighted bench dip is one level above the usual dip bench because it uses a barbell / dumbbell or ballast to be placed on the thighs to the abdomen.
How to form arm muscles with weighted bench dips exercise is as follows:

    Position the body sitting on two benches or two benches
    Body shape to resemble the letter J or L.
    Add weight over your thighs, you can use dumbbell as a ballast.
    Lower the body slowly.
    Hold your position for a moment.
    Lift your body weight by leaning on the upper arm muscle.
    Repeat this movement for several times regularly in 1 week.