Yes, burn the fat now through HIIT training

 this time we try to lift the discussion about the phenomenon of exercise methods to eliminate many calories in our body that is being done or loved by the sports community today. The training method is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), from the understanding only for the sports community may already be known. This HIIT is a high-intensity exercise interspersed with rest periods.

Intensity is the severity of an activity. The hallmark of high intensity exercise is the rapid onset of fatigue or rapid buildup of lymphatic acid lactic (Lactat Acid). This lactic acid will appear when our muscles contract continuously nonstop for about 0 to 10 seconds, because it is the result of the process of using ready-made energy in our muscles that is ATP-PC. When lactic acid has appeared it will interfere with muscle contraction so that our muscles feel heavy to move. This lactic acid can be broken down by inhaling a lot of oxygen to be recycled back into energy.

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A. Definition of HIIT
HIIT is an exercise method to get afterburn effects, so your body will continue to burn calories for about 2 hours after doing this HIIT exercise. HIIT has certain characteristics in doing so.
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B. Characteristics of HIIT
Some of the features of HIIT are:
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    High intensity
    Rapid fatigue
    The movement is strong and fast or explosive
    Short breaks between repetitions of movement
    The time to do the movement is not too long about 30 seconds
    When doing the motion keep inhaling oxygen (not breathable)

Those are some of the characteristics of the HIIT method, the method is the way things are done. While the form of training depends on the needs of physical components according to the sport or desire to process the body parts which want to be formed. Exercise with this method is actually to help form the foundation of our active motion tool is muscle, the higher muscle mass to eat muscle strength will be stronger. In accordance with the characteristics of the HIIT above that the movements carried out its explosive nature are required to have good power.