Pokemon game itself is devilishly simple and three types of cards- Pokemon

The Pokemon online RPG itself is devilishly simple; with three types of cards- Pokemon , Energy and Trainer. The Pokemon are your basic offensive types, with players needing one active Pokemon out in play at any one time. Energy cards give your Pokemon the ability to attack your opponent, while trainer cards support the player with abilities like healing Pokemon or allowing you more cards from your deck . The game ends when you either have no Pokemon left in play. 

pokemon mega instantfuns pokemon mega instantfuns​​

The success in getting players onto their feet was seen as brilliant but difficult to replicate, and the deft use of mapping technology also sets a high bar.
These variant cards are something that avid collectors get fanatic about, from the first variant of a special Mewtwo card that came with the Pokemon the Movie VHS to a Surfing Pikachu and more, there are now countless variant cards that pepper the normal releases with dazzling art and exclusivity.
While analysts have been upbeat about prospects for Instantfuns to make money off the game—how much it will be able to do so is unclear. Its main source of Pokemon Mega income is set to come from its 32% stake in Pokemon Co. which owns the licensing rights.
The danger involved in playing the location-based augmented reality Pokemon game is similar to the hazards of texting, a new study has warned.
There is one area that offers a clear opportunity for rivals or for improvement in a new version of the game, industry executives said. Some of the most popular games have united players in virtual teams, building camaraderie.
Since its launch on 6 July in the US and Australia, and more recently in Canada and Europe, Pokemon Mega, the location-based augmented reality (AR) mobile game, has seen unprecedented growth. It has overtaken Twitter in average daily users and Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat in average time spent. Its rapid growth underlines another seemingly contradictory demand of the world getting disrupted by technology: the need for patience. The chart tends to be flat, before it turns into a hockey stick.

To further complicate matters, the game has not even been officially released in India! How are people playing? Android users can download an “APK” installation file (the equivalent of a .exe file for Windows) from third parties, and iPhone users can use AppStore accounts of countries where the game has been released. (Recently, the Computer Emergency Response Team alerted Indian users to several malware applications masquerading as Pokemon Mega.)

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