What are the role of micro-grinding in the stone production line?

The characteristics of raw materials, raw material hardness, grading, clay content and water content is an important parameter, different raw materials can choose different grinding equipment for processing, when the hardness of raw materials is larger, the general can choose micro-grinding, [url=http://www.punkdogwine.com/]Ore milling equipment[/url] for processing, the smaller the hardness of raw materials, you can choose the European version of the mill, coarse grinding for grinding, grading of raw materials will also affect the overall parameters for rock from the quarry blasting should be rock Of the maximum size of the selection of primary crusher, and the configuration of screening machinery, if the raw material containing mud, high water content, should be used wet grinding, screening process, according to the size of raw materials, equipment selection process and The productivity of each part, according to the hardness of raw materials to choose the form of coarse crushing equipment.
Product quality and particle size, as well as the shape of the particles, in different projects, the quality and requirements of the products are not the same, the processing quality of the product and the crushing and milling of the production process, when the product size than the Small time, mill flour ratio is relatively large, the product of the more grain size, the more complex the equipment, in order to get different levels of ore, you can set up an independent screening machinery to grade. In many projects, the dust content of the crushed stone should not be too high, these dust on the quality of concrete harmful. When the dust content exceeds the standard, it is necessary to increase a cleaning process.
Productivity is an important process parameters grinding equipment, the productivity requirements include two main contents, one is the productivity of granular products, the other is the productivity of all products, for the project practice, the productivity of each size specification products More meaningful, so in determining the productivity of equipment, we must first consider the actual needs of the project.