which design patterns to be used for Online Auction Coding Sample Instructions ?

Online Auction Coding Sample Instructions

Here are the

 Consider a new
and different computerized auction site where a seller can offer an item up for
sale and people can bid against each other to buy the item. The company
building this site has asked you to come up with the algorithm to automatically
determine the winning bid after all bidders have entered their information on
the site. Your API will be integrated into the site by other developers working
on the project.

 The site will
allow each bidder to enter three parameters:

Starting bid - The first and
lowest bid the buyer is willing to offer for the item.

Max bid - This maximum
amount the bidder is willing to pay for the item.


- A dollar amount that the computer algorithm will add to the bidder's current
bid each time the bidder is in a losing position relative to the other bidders.
The algorithm should never let the current bid exceed the Max bid. The
algorithm should only allow increments of the exact auto-increment amount.

Here is the data
to use for your testing. In each case the algorithm should determine the
winning bidder and the amount of the winning bid. The bidders are listed in the
order they entered their information on the site. If there is a tie between two
or more bidders, the first person that entered their information wins. The
amount of the winner's bid should be the lowest amount possible (given all the
previous rules) that will win the auction.