Asics GEL-Kayano 23 running shoes for sale the longer runs

In a lot of cases you might want to choose a training shoe for longer mileage
and a race shoe that's lighter but better used for shorter periods of time, like
a four-hour race. Either way, it's important that you've worn your shoes in
before you hit race day, or put in Asics
GEL-Kayano 23 running shoes for sale
the longer runs.

Now that you know your style, it's time to choose. Every pair of shoes on our
list has been worn, tested and put through its paces. Leaf through the list of
the latest tech-filled trainers for your perfect running shoes.

Unfortunately we can't provide the motivation to hit those wintery pavements,
but a good shoe is a step in the right direction.

This fall's running road shoe lineup is about as consistent as a pile of
autumn leaves: varied with something for everyone. You can find anything from
flyweight supple racers to sturdy and waterproof trail stompers. Some are
bare-bones with zero drop. Others are thick and pillow-like. Here's our take on
the best of the season's offerings.

The Chicago Marathon takes place on Sunday, Oct. 8. The first wave of runners
will start at 8: 30 a. m. EST. Known for its flat-and-fast course, there should
be some speedy times and great races to look forward to.