How much is the gear crusher?

[url=]Gold Ore Crusher[/url] product model, features introduced
Roller crusher, is a complete classification of fine crusher, commonly used models include 2PGC450 × 500,2PGC600 × 750,2PGC900 × 900,2PGC1200 × 1500, for different types of equipment, roller diameter, roller length, feed Grain size, yield, weight, etc. are not the same, such as the above models of equipment production were 30-60t / h, 60-100t / h, 150-200t / h, 200-300t / h, customers in the selection , To combine their own production design requirements, the scale of the scientific choice. For the advantages of the performance characteristics of the device is also very prominent, briefly described as follows:
1, widely used, almost no requirements on the water content of stone, non-stick does not bet, efficient production;
2, intelligent hydraulic system design, maintenance work is simple, the additional cost of 60% reduction;
3, efficient, safe, large increase in production space;
4, strong and durable, small vibration, low noise, less dust, more environmentally friendly production.