Listen to the sound to identify the ultrafine mill failure

As a large-scale ore powder processing equipment, ultra-fine milling machine can independently complete a variety of ore powder superfine powder processing, but in the process of processing, due to the nature of various ores, such as some of the larger hardness of the ore, or Some ore sticky large, it is easy to damage the ultra-fine milling machine. Ultra-fine milling machine damage is divided into a variety of situations, some failures can be seen directly, such as roller damage, bearing overheating, there are some failures can rely on the sound can be identified, the following Shanghai SBM to teach the majority of users how to listen to the sound To identify the ultra-fine milling machine failure.
First of all, the most simple, [url=]ultrafine mill[/url] in the process of processing will be issued a regular small amplitude oscillation, this oscillation is sound, and is the rule, the equipment in the operation of the sound, no other noise , Indicating that the equipment is normal. And some sound is that the machine is not normal operation, the user needs to deal with in a timely manner, the following to understand these sounds.
If the machine at work, still issued a sharp violent movement, and this movement will not flew, it means that ultra-fine milling machine problems, need to immediately stop to view. The cause of this problem may be due to the cracking of the machine parts, perhaps the machine may have iron because of insufficient feed.
In addition, if the ultra-fine milling machine has a boring intermittent impact sound appears, perhaps because some of the parts of the machine fall, hit the sound on the material declared. If there is a violent impact, and the appearance of card machines and other appearance, then marked the machine into the iron, perhaps the machine parts of the fall. There is a grinding ring in the material under the kneading of the deformation of the machine will also form a violent impact of the sound.