The NFL announced Love is in the Concussion Protocol

SALT IN THE WOUND: Kevin Love suffered a head injury due to an errant
Harrison Barnes elbow to the dome. After some waffling on the broadcast as to
whether Love looked dazed as he asked to come out, the NFL announced Love is in
the Concussion Protocol. We might not see him in Game 3, or at all.Chris Mannix
says that what happens in Cleveland over the next five days might spell the end
of the Love era.SHOTS FIRED:


 Klay Thompson says these Warriors are better than the Showtime Lakers.
Klay's dad was a Showtime Laker.OOF: Speaking of historical comparisons, Woj
likens the Cavs to the Buffalo Bills.SURE: Ranking the Madden mobile coins best emojis from Steph's
new emoji app.BEFORE YOU START ... LeBron sure looks destined to fall to 2-6 in
the Finals. Before you start, Jerry West (1-8 in the Finals) wishes you just
wouldn't, okay?


HMM: Howard Beck heralds the enduring power of the super team.THROWBACK: I
wrote about how Shaun Livingston's throwback game fits so well into the
Warriors' futuristic attack.SACRILEGE: Jim Harbaugh wore an Iverson jersey
tucked into those infamous $10 khakis. I am shaking my dang head.IMPORTANT:
LeBron on Ali's death was pretty powerful.GLORIOUS: Brad Stevens' wife wants the
Celtics to win a title because her husband will be obligated to smoke a stogie
at center court Red Auerbach style and if Brad Stevens smokes a stogie he's
going to throw up on national TV.


Brad Stevens' wife is hilarious.UHH, MARC? Apparently Marc Gasol is
encouraging his brother Pau to sign with the Spurs this offseason. Marc's
Grizzlies are a rival to the Spurs.Happy Monday. See you next time.The 
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