The feelings of all of their fans

If you weren't tuned into the Evreux vs. Boulazac semifinal this is nab live mobile coins  weekend,
we're a little disappointed. Sure, you had plans, or you were watching the NBA,
or whatever. But c'mon, Evreux vs. Boulazac playing a decisive Game 3! That's
appointment viewing, don't you know? Anyway, here's what you missed -- Evreux,
trailing 96-94 with seconds ticking down in regulation, missed a three-pointer
in the corner but followed it up with a crazy HORSE shot if we've ever seen


Evreux won in overtime, 114-107, and they'll play Le Portel in a championship
series next week. The feelings of all of their fans can be summed up by this gif
of their mascot. That's a Great Sports Gif to go with a Great Sports Moment.(h/t
Sports Illustrated) The Warriors are, in fact, light years ahead Good morning.
Let's basketball.WELPVILLE,


OHIO: The Warriors took a convincing 2-0 lead over the Cavaliers on Sunday,
smoking Cleveland 110-77. Again, Golden State didn't even need much out of
Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson (18 and 17 respectively). Draymond Green has been
the best player on the floor in the Finals: he had 28-7-5 with five threes. Most
impressive was the Warriors' defense, which shut down LeBron James for all but a
second quarter spurt, and which led to off nights for Kyrie Irving,


Kevin Love and ... well, everyone but Richard Jefferson.Paul Flannery's
Sunday Shootaround focused in on Draymond, who is in many ways on the edge. Paul
got some great quotes, so definitely check it out.SIGN UP FOR OUR NBA
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morning.Game 3 is Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on ABCING FOR YOUR JOB, J.M. MCADOO:
Steph's bench celebrations were glorious.