though of other thing

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Lately I’ve been much of a mehness, and I realise this whole grieving business takes its own sweet time. But there are moments and hours and even days when things feel pretty good again, and I know these times, in time, become the predominant thing before long but until that happens a memory or a song or a something [url=][/url] can knock you for six. Yesterday and this Monday just passed I felt knocked for six, so I whatsapped my mom and said let’s have lunch at the Perseverance Tavern. The Perseverance Tavern is on Buitenkant Street and I think I read somewhere that it’s the oldest pub in South Africa, dating back to 1836 if the date on the facade is to be believed. And when you sit [url=][/url] outside on a nice day the sun shines through the pretty, bright leaves of an ancient vine and the more Black Jack [url=]Nike Air Huarache Mujer[/url] draughts you put away the more you think of the throngs of people who, over the past nearly 200 years, must have ordered a beer, like me, to dull the ache of life’s sorrows. And I cheered up somewhat, knowing I was not alone. Because what is life if not a long series of perseverances with different details. And being slightly tipsy is a very excellent way to approach [url=]Nike Air Max 1 Mujer[/url] this business of Monday.But I also though of other things. On the previous Saturday I’d attended the 50th birthday lunch [url=]Adidas NMD Mujer[/url] of a writer friend which took place under an ancient pomegranate tree in the garden of a lovely old house in Simonstown. After we’d eaten and drunk and sung and been jolly, the talk took a slightly more serious turn (as it does here in the old [url=]Nike Air Huarache Womens[/url] RSA) and somebody sitting across from me who reads my blog said, please will you write something positive about the [url=]Ralph Lauren T-Shirts Womens[/url] marches? And my first thought was not a chance, are you jas because it’s all very complicated – if you’re white and say something nice about something that happened in South Africa you’re stupid and belong at Woolworths buying organic goat’s yoghurt. So, for good reason, I was hesitant to put my thoughts to paper. But then, as the afternoon wore on and I thought [url=]Adidas Superstar Mujer Negras[/url] more about what she’d said I have to admit that something about the sneering that happened re that event and the