FIFA Awards Ceremony ahead of time

the ruler of international football, FIFA held a total of three kinds of
players of the year's selection. In the 90s of last century, FIFA named World
Footballer of the Year. In the past few years, FIFA and Golden Globe jointly
organized the awards ceremony, the World Footballer of the Year award and
Golden Globe for the FIFA Golden Globe. 
cheapest fifa coins ps Now the two awards and parted ways,
FIFA re-selected the player of the year. In these three selections, FIFA is the
first year of the year in January. However, according to "World Sports Daily"
reported that FIFA will put this year's awards ceremony ahead of October 23.

to October 23? This means that FIFA will not be the Player of the Year, but the
best player of the season. "World Sports Daily" that this will be a
big good news C Lo. Once Real Madrid defends the Champions League, 
günstige fifa coins playstation 4 C Lo is
likely to sweep the major awards. If FIFA chooses the best player in January
next year, Messi also hopes to change the fate through the excellent
performance of the first half of last season. But in FIFA ahead of the award, C
Lo will be the biggest beneficiaries.

will be the ceremony ahead of late October, which makes the football three
awards ceremony in the time period is completely staggered. Before the start of
each season, UEFA will be awarded last season's best player award. In late
October, FIFA selected the best players last season. At the end of the year,
"French football" magazine will be selected the best player of the
year. "France Football" magazine selected the best player of the year,
is the Golden Globe winner.

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