TOTS releasing date May 12th, 2017

Team of the Season (TOTS) in FIFA 17 Greatest Team™ is a party of the top players from using this football effort, across Europe as well as the remaining planet!
This isn’t the sole team that enthusiasts have an input signal on! For the Bundesliga Team of the Season will even feature in the FUT 17 Bundesliga TOTS for the very first time ever, the 11 players voted by enthusiasts!
This can be only the beginning! The coming weeks will see the launches of several leagues, large and little, plus an exclusive tournament benefit 24th TOTS player, a superb Bonus SBC that rewards fans for finishing special SBCs every week, TOTS Update SBCs having a chance in a bonded 84 TOTW player, Lightning Rounds and much more!

A fan favourite from last year yields! Exclusive actually does mean exclusive, the 24th TOTS player WOn't be around SBCs, in packs or on the transport marketplace. The player that is additional will soon be around for select leagues simply, beginning each Monday.
TOTS Bonus Compensation SBC
An even larger compensation expects enthusiasts who remain active through the entirety of TOTS! During TOTS, devotees will have 72 hours to finish a fresh Bonus Compensation SBC each Tuesday. The more you finish, the larger the Bonus compensation! Enthusiasts who finish ALL Bonus SBCs will get a pack including TOTS player item that is bonded! If you’re eligible for a TOTS Bonus SBC Compensation, it'll be given on June 28th, 2017 to you personally.

Finishing 2 or more TOTS Bonus SBCs will earn you a special compensation:
4 TOTS Bonus SBCs – Uncommon Players Pack (untradeable)
5 TOTS Bonus SBCs – Jumbo Uncommon Players Pack (untradeable)
6 TOTS Bonus SBCs – Ultimate Pack which includes a bonded TOTS Player (untradeable)

TOTS Upgrade SBCs
Upgrade your squad during TOTS with one of these SBCs that are special! Featuring untradeable and tradeable ensured 84 rated TOTW SBCs from 82 Rated Players SBC ANY TOTW and League Special Upgrade SBCs.