There will be times when your own team will consistently be successful

3 Ways to recognize a Bandwagon Fan Edit ArticlewikiHow to a Bandwagon Fan Three
solutions:Paying attention to What They SayWatching What They DoIdentifying a
True FanCommunity Q notice how people"Abruptly" Become fans of teams that are
running well? Do you ever wonder cons"Real spectators" Like they tell you he is?
Or do you wonder when they are just bandwagon fans? Bandwagon fans are defined
as sports fans who have revealed no past loyalty to a team, And who only support
them when they certainly well. While people may not admit to being camp fans,
There are many easy ways to spot them. See if understand which keyword phrases
the staff. True fans of a team will know the names of more the star player on
the team. See if they've known other players, Motor coach tours, Proprietors,
And former experts. This will help determine when they have any loyalty towards
the team. Having the play makers is great. But a true fan needs to know more
than the questionable players. They need to know what are you doing on both
sides of the ball.[1] Not every fan follows what goes on behind the curtain so
cut them some slack if they don't know the athletic trainer or the newest draft
picks. Detect whether they know statistics. Knowing statistics takes both
stress. Do understand which keyword phrases the average number of points scored
per game? Do they know where team ranks offensively and defensively? True fans
always find ways to track the progress of a common team.[2] Their knowledge is
going beyond stats for the star player or the team's record. They will be able
to discuss the teams status as if they were commentators for ESPN, Which is both
informative and entertaining for real fans. See if they know any historical
concerning the team. It's easy to understand about a team's current progress,
But it's tougher to know about the history of a team. A fan who has been loyal
for years will be aware of past players, Tournament years, And meaningful games.
Many fans will also have personal stories linked to the team. As an example,
They'll know when they were when the Houston Rockets won back to back
championships in 1994 and 1995. Many bandwagon fans only follow teams who have
been successful over recent years and will not know history that stretches
beyond the team's current winning streak.[3] Listen to their cause of supporting
the team. Most of the time loyalty to a team is dependent upon where you live or
your support for a player that you idolized as a kid.[6] Bandwagon fans have had
flimsy excuses for why they support a team. As an example, Reasons such as
liking the c's colors, Having a spouse that props up team, Or picking the
favourite team as a kid are not viable reasons. If your favorite team relocates
even to another city then the rules change. You are now free to turn away from
that team. If you grew up in a city that did not have a team for a specific
sport, You're then able in order to choose a team(With several good reasons of
course).[7] See if they merely support the best teams in the league. If the fan
only props up 1 teams in football, Kung fu, Court, Soccer or other major league
physical games, They are likely not keeping the team, But aiding the winning
streak. There will be times when your own team will consistently be successful;
But it's a strange phenomena when ALL of the teams you support are successful.
As an example, It's perfectly acceptable to support the gambling and their
success. But with supporting them, The blackhawks, The silicon valley Giants,
And the Golden State Warriors while is a sign of being a bandwagon fan.[8]
Analyse if they go to live games. Many fans go to live sporting events for the
expertise of being around like minded, Passionate everyone.[11] Bandwagon fans
don't value the action because they aren't as emotionally invested as real fans
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. And sometimes it means braving the cold or paying for over
priced beer, Real fans will try to attend at least one game during the summer
season. Some bandwagon fans will attend a game or two just to be able to say
they've already. They are unlikely to attend games who are not convenient. As an
example, When the next wind storm is bad Julio Jones
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, After tickets are too pricey, Or the moment game falls on a
workday. See if they support the c's only during playoffs. This has a bit to do
with the team attaining your goal, But it also has to do with value of the game.
Sports seasons can be long and grueling so bandwagon fans like to skip the off
the shelf season games and jump right to the good part. Playoff games occur
after the regular season and are tournament style games that lead up to the
champion.[12] Playoffs also produce bandwagon fans whose"First answer" Didn't
associated with playoffs
In order to have somebody to root for, They choose a team randomly and only for
that season.[13] See as long as they own a throwback jersey. A throwback jersey
is one that replicates a jersey worn by a team or player from the past.[14] Real
fans tend purchase throwback jerseys(Along side modern-day sports gear) Because
these people know the history of the team and its players.[15] On the other
hand, Bandwagon fans typically purchase team gear signifying the newest logos,
Colourings, And buffs. True fans are also going to spend big bucks on team gear
and throwbacks are usually more authentic and costly. Analyse if they support
their team's players more than any others. A true fan's loyalty will be to his
or her team first
I am not saying that they can't support or like other players, But it does mean
that their loyalty lies in their team's players first. As an example, It's fine
to comprehend great players like Peyton Manning but if you're a New England fan
you support Tom Brady first. And, If you have players who are on your fantasy
football team but are not on the preferred football team, You can support them
only as far as it doesn't impact your favorite team's success.[17]