Methods of repairing floor scratches

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  First, the floor essential oils
     If the floor appears above the relatively shallow scratches proposed treatment with the floor oil, floor oil can be a layer of protection on the floor, so that slight scratches will not deepen the discoloration. Started to find: scratching the wood floor wear, for the already worn wooden floor, the first water scrubbing paper wet soapy water to the surface slightly grinding, but do not wear too deep, do not get wet wood surface, and then wipe with a dry cloth. If you want to re-hit the crystal, the first crystal to completely wipe away the old, the net clean wood dust,[url=]Outside Wall Panel[/url] with a more dry cloth to completely wipe the old bran, until the floor is completely dry, sweep the crystal oil evenly coated with oil The floor, to be a few hours to completely dry; if the bubble after repair, you can use light sandpaper light mill to dry in the weather better.[url=]WPC DIY Decking[/url]
  Second, polishing wax
     If the floor surface of the film is not bad, just a little scratch marks, you can clean the floor with polished wax directly after polishing. Polishing wax is mainly to protect the floor of the luster, so that the floor surface becomes smooth, so that there will not be scars of the place for deeper damage.
  Third, paint
    If the floor scratches the place is more serious, the floor paint film is broken or exposed white, [url=]WPC Product[/url]can use 400 water sandpaper dipped in soapy water and wipe clean, to be dry after the local complementary color, color dry and then painted a paint, dry 24 hours, With 400 water polished sandpaper, polished floor wax and then wipe.