Mens Nike Zoom Air KD 9 Basketball Shoe For Sale Online

2016 Jordans For Sale, Kevin Durant's signature shoe has been out to the ninth generation. Remember last summer, we are excited to get equipped with flexible connectivity to the entire palm Zoom Air KD 8 measured in the field scene. A year later, KD 9 gave us a bigger surprise. Cool Flyknit upper, the original performance of the KD series of the actual combat to create a Air Footscape Magista, Flyknit Roshe One-like sense of the trend. Even used to out of the street, KD 9 can guarantee a high rate of keep returning. One-piece weave upper, boldly canceled the tongue design, which in the past basketball shoes are rare. The new "split Zoom Air" is surprising. It will be the traditional Zoom Air unit made more in line with the foot bend line improvements. Because of the relationship between the Rio Olympic Games, KD 9 has become the first exposure of the ancient boots of a. Recently, the US men's basketball team and deep "retreat team storm," Durant duty-bound to become the strength of the United States play. KD 9 after the birth of the first big parade is the Olympic Games, can be described as long way to go. This pair of comprehensive evolution of the signature boots, will become the most dazzling boots this summer one. In actual combat, KD 9 is to bring a stunning combat experience. KD 9 of the cushioning is perfect, in the history of KD boots, KD 9 is by far the cushioning do a good job. Although the front is like KD 6 Elite, KD 8, KD 8 Elite the same full palm Zoom Air works exist, but the KD 9 Zoom Air can be said to be derived from evolution. Forefoot bending ditch design, not only to KD 9 more flexible, more in line with the pace of Kevin Durant's stadium. From the forefoot to the hind paw over the side, KD 9 Zoom Air also has a thin gradient, it is more consistent with the foot curve set. Although the whole palm Zoom Air, but KD 9 completely ahead of the predecessor. It is the first time people feel, Zoom Air can also be partitioned bending, and stretch full. Especially the KD 9's forefoot, keen response, no matter what action to do any stop, you can feel its flexibility.
New Jordans 2016, Durant has confirmed that will play in the Rio Olympics, the figure KD9 Premiere color no accident will be Durant boots in the Olympic Games, we are more willing to this red and white blue color KD9 called the United States Team color. While the new elite basketball socks will also launch the theme of the US team color. KD9 with Flyknit uppers + cushion cushions with the air cushion, which is Durant's signature shoes for the first time using Flyknit material upper, allegedly because Durant through the Flyknit upper running shoes, so the design involved in the proposed New shoes have to use this material. Flyknit material mainly in the upper part of the KD9 upper, convex honeycomb pattern like football shoes Magista uppers of the enlarged version. Although the Flyknit material, but the upper KD9 shoes are not as gentle as running shoes, because there is a layer of nylon vamp upper, so the upper overall strength is high, do not have to worry about the protection of intense exercise. Shoelace loop from the upper piercing, playing Flywire fly line role, fasten the shoelace after the feet are firmly locked in the shoe cage, in particular, to ensure that the side of the support, lateral force When the shoes will not slide too much. KD9 shoes as an integrated design, tongue and shoe body as a whole, the tall tongue has become one of KD9 logo design, tongue printed on the name of Durant, back number 35 and 9th generation shoes . KD9 looks between the tongue and the heel of the upper space, but the actual opening is very small, so the first dress may surprise you, want to wear KD9 feet really need to charge some power, you need to be very hard In order to foot wide or feet high, you need extra effort, really can be said to be "the most difficult to wear" the KD shoes.
Jordans 2017, KD9 Another major improvement is the use of a new full-length length of the Zoom Air visualization cushion. Unlike the previous use of the full palm of the Zoom air cushion shoes such as LeBron 10, Zoom Hyperflight Max, KD9 Zoom cushion in the forefoot part of the split design, with a groove to split the air cushion, the middle with a catheter connection . But once the KD9 to the feet, it will make another completely do not have the feeling, the whole body is very fit the shoe, wrapped very well, almost no extra space, and even feel wrapped with laces are sufficient . Because Durant thin legs, KD9 shoe is still narrow, for the foot width of the person to try to try to grasp the counter for their own shoe size. If you play with ankle-like protective gear, but also need to try to grasp. KD9 Zoom air cushion before and after the palm height difference of 6mm, on the foot can obviously feel forefoot sinking, followed by air cushion 16mm height to ensure cushioning and protection, the former palm air cushion thickness reduced to 10mm, for the starting force to bring Faster response. KD9 soles with honeycomb shape design, with the lines on the Flyknit upper echoes the actual wearing a good grip. Soles also hidden KD and ZOOM words of the lines. Flyknit uppers and upgrade the Zoom Air cushion so that KD9 has risen to a new level, low to help the design plus fresh color, even in the basketball court is also a good choice. I believe KD9 will be accompanied by Durant at the Rio Olympic Games to obtain the highest honor.