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Another look at the classic 23 GoF patterns, with a few extra ones thrown in.

Design Patterns Video Course

The course includes 97 video lessons with an overall duration more than 7 hours. It teaches all of the major design patterns and even describes how to create your own patterns.

The author of the tutorial is Steve Holzner - an award-winning author who has been writing about programming since 1995. He’s a former PC Magazine contributing editor, and his many books have been translated into 18 languages around the world.

Buy the course now and get 2 e-books for FREE!

Our “Design Patterns: Simply”
Classic “Design Patterns” book by GOF

This is the same DP video course as offered here by VTC:

I purchased the sourcemaking videos, and got the 2 free PDF ebooks. The GoF is the same book but in PDF format.

Steve Holzner's DP video course uses material from his book, Design Patterns For Dummies, which I also have.

Steve's DP video tutorial and DP4Dummies complement each other nicely.

I watch the video tutorial in SMPlayer running on Linux :)

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