OODesign Forum is on air

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OODesign Forum is started today and this is the first post. I hope you will enjoy and find it useful. Please fell free to suggest new directions for the forum or for OODesign website.


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    Thanks pbssundar for your suggestion. I've added it to my TODO list.
  • The forum was upgraded to a new vanilla version. Some features like RSS feed are not working anymore. Hope to find a solution soon.
  • Hi Guys ...great idea great start to a great website !!
    , I assume this forum is connected with the OODesign.com website.

    Great website and I am trying to consolidate my own knowledge on the subject.

    My search has brought me to a very useful pdf detailing the 3 levels of design, of which this website appears to show only 2 of the 3.

    Have you guys considered this.
    Whilst the Gof neatly categorises the design patterns into Creational(5) Behavioural (11) and Structural(8)
    ....there is another group of slightly wider scope called system(7 of them) as listed in the book "Applied Java Patterns"... perhaps they can be added ??

    I've also noticed that the Gof patterns does not cover the Enterprise Java solutions , the J2EE patterns present another 21 patterns for the different tiers of architecture.
    apparently encompassing patterns for Presentation, Business and Integration layers..like : DAO, Webservice broker, Service Actuator and Domain Store.

    but what I found really interesting was a pdf that connected the OO design principles of the class structure and relationships group (OCP , DIP, LSP, SRP, ISP) and the  package cohesion(REP, CCP, CRP) and coupling(ADP, SDP, SAP) groups to the Basic OO principles of abstraction, association, aggregation, and composition, and then Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation.

    these formed the first 2 levels of OO design. the last level are the design patterns themselves and the pdf gives a very interesting perspective on the whole process of design using Java/J2EE.

    so..after reading your website and really enjoying the carefully planned website, I just wanted to suggest you go the whole hog and complete ..what I am finding to be more than I first thought in scope.

    happy to discuss further...but I'm still learning..

  • from there...you can go on to what I am yet to read about...which are the 51 patterns of enterprise application architecture, and 65 enterprise integration patterns.

    surely there's duplication across these...I'd be interested to know how much.

    happy to discuss and indeed help if I can.