NBA Live Mobile Troubleshooting and Safety Recommendations

The head to head screen features a couple of elements. The top rated section
shows the amount of acquired fans as well as the division. Fans are the measure
of a player's performance in matches against other people. The division is often
a category in which players are placed according to the amount of fans. The
second element, which is probably the most important one particular, could be
the globe map. This displays other players that may be challenged to a match. An
opponent is represented by name, team logo, level and OVR. The planet map
generally displays players of comparable ability from the very same division.
When tapping on an opponent's icon, several additional information are displayed
so players can assess the game's difficulty greater. The amount of coins, fans
and XP are shown. Players will also see just how much stamina is spent to
challenge that opponent. Stamina is usually a resource consumed when playing
season games, competitive matches and live events. If players decide to engage
that opponent they really should tap play, else, they will tap anywhere around
the screen to return to the planet map and seek out an additional player.

The best element of your head to head screen shows the objectives list,
rivals, buddies and leaders. Objectives choice is actually a list of numerous
tasks assigned to a player for example completing live events, sets or acquiring
players. Rival alternative shows matches that are at the moment active and
completed matches. The buddies option operates only for all those who attached a
Facebook profile to their NBA Reside Mobile account. Players can challenge
Facebook buddies to friendly matches. The leaderboards display NBA Reside Mobile
players in the similar division because the user. If players choose to select
yet another game mode, they are able to do so from the most important menu. Last
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NBA Live Mobile Troubleshooting and Safety Recommendations

Know your player ID. This can be a number associated with an NBA Reside
Mobile account. It may be discovered in game in the finish of the Credits
screen. Players will probably be asked to provide their user ID once they speak
to the help group.

Purchased things not showing. If players acquired a new item and this is not
showing in game a restart in the app will repair factors. To become certain,
restart the device too.

Reward not obtained. Should you completed a live event or maybe a set and you
didn't receive the reward attempt restarting the app plus the device just before
contacting the assistance team. In the event the reward continues to be missing
have your user ID prepared, particulars about the activity and also the
approximate time when you completed it.

Don't delete the NBA Reside Mobile app if your account just isn't linked
using a Facebook profile. Users can play NBA Live Mobile with out a Facebook
account but if they would like to resume their progress on yet another device
they want to associate a Facebook profile together with the game to be able to
save the progress. If they delete the app or install it on another device devoid
of an related Facebook account, they will start the game from scratch.