country Sid flooring brand

for the Mai Side brand promotion "bonus" that is not a stack of money can be measured. According to Meiside floor, the person in charge, "we want to convey is a consumer idea, rather than to obtain short-term interests.We have to do is through the Wang Han + happy male this combination of boxing, to promote our country Sid flooring brand,aluminum porch floor panels

through Wang Han as the main body, happy male voice for the media, you can infinitely magnify the Brande brand effect, which is far from 1 + 1 = 2 so simple. Of course, as the flooring industry well-known brands, Wang Han's personal image and the "Happy Boys" advocated by the health, youth, fashion concept,deck and fence

is Maiside willing to make money "join in" the most important reason. Because Wang Han is a fashion, humor, steady success, is a well-deserved entertainment host kings, humorous, approachable style by the majority of the audience favorite, happy male entertainment such entertainment show record high,exterior grade composite wall panel