quality of the surface of the floor

Nantong City Mianqi floor pass rate of 75% 11, Nantong City, the quality supervision department announced the sale of solid wood on the market Paint flooring random sampling results, in a total of eight samples, two samples were sentenced Failed. The inspection of solid wood Mianqi floor are in accordance with the "qualified products" requirements to determine.using wood as wall material

In the two samples were found to be unqualified, the quality of the surface of the floor paint film is too low; Jirui edge of the solid wood flooring paint adhesion indicators failed, the film adhesion is low , The film easy to peel off. According to the City Quality Association experts, paint board surface wear and paint adhesion indicators failed,deck and fence

it will directly affect the life of solid wood flooring. Experts advise the vast number of consumers in the purchase of solid wood Mianqi floor, to choose a good reputation of brand-name products, such as national Mianjian products, China **** and China famous brand products. Do not buy "three no" products,traditional outside grey deck flooring