structural stability of the floor

the staff told us that the green on the use of oak back to paint, in the backplane and the substrate between the coated metal thermal film, improve the conductivity and moisture resistance to ensure that the structural stability of the floor , To meet the requirements of geothermal heating. Buy wood flooring,swimming pool deck flooring

health and environmental protection is the most important, to be honest, since some floor manufacturers have some negative exposure, their wood floor really a little worried about fear of containing harmful substances. After this visit, he is put down the heart, I think, manufacturers can put their own production process so open,balcony floor

it should be full of confidence in their product quality it!The 12th China International Building Decoration Materials (Supplies) Exhibition will be held from March 30 to April 2, 2007 in Dalian Xinghai Exhibition. Center and World Expo Plaza was held. The exhibition is organized by China Interior Decoration Association,attaching composite flooring to flooring