the advantages of products and channels

"B & Q said the person in charge. Although the building materials supermarkets are insisting on their own home improvement business, not want to be a profit point, just to provide customers with a value-added support services, the ultimate goal is to pull the supermarket building materials sales. Can be many traditional home improvement company has been building materials supermarkets into the ranks of important much to waterproof a decking square foot

"Building materials supermarkets have the advantages of products and channels, only the material cost of this one, will be able to give us a great impact on the price." A home improvement company marketing department official told reporters admitted. But some people hold different views, in the future, building materials supermarkets and home improvement companies will gradually occupy their target market,garden floor price

the former mainly for the "fast food" decoration, mainly from single-store products and technical limitations. The latter can be by virtue of their own professional advantages, to provide consumers with a richer home improvement options. However, with such a differentiation process, the decoration industry will face a higher speed shuffle,interlocking flooring weather proofing