flooring market prices have changed

Previously, has stabilized more than four months of the flooring market renewed waves. Russian authorities to develop a draft to raise export tariffs on logs, March 1 next year, Russian timber export tariffs will increase by three percent, by 2010 the export rate of logs will increase to 20%. Two years ago, South American timber market share of about 60%,garden floor price

while the Russian timber market share of only 5%, but after several times in the big price increases, part of the decoration households began to choose a relatively low price of Russian trees. However, the tariff message, people will focus on the South American wood refocus. Just a week, Zhejiang flooring market prices have changed,Outdoor Waterproof Flooring 12-Inch X 12-Inch

South American wood again across the board emergency. In 1986, the Chinese Academy of Sciences from Brazil to buy back a number of heavy wood, but in the Zhangjiagang terminal was cold, although many domestic timber companies are that these 80 cm in diameter "foreign goods" Material is good, but then the domestic wood saw but no way to these monsters.closeout bamboo composite decking tiles