of personal computer business restructuring

TCL merger Alcatel effect after the initial show, by the end of March this year, TCL communication began to profit, TCL communications sales of more than 300 million units, its overseas sales accounted for TCL communication all mobile phone sales 90% about. And TCL's acquisition of similar road, Lenovo has also experienced the beginning of mergers and acquisitions of all kinds of "discomfort."garden floor price

In May 2005, Lenovo to $ 1.75 billion acquisition of IBM's personal computer business, the world's third-largest personal computer manufacturer, but the company's profits have continued to decline, far below the previous year's 3.73% acquisition. But Lenovo is clearly prepared for such a situation, the company introduced international business management experience,eco friendly material for building

an operations center will be moved to the United States, the introduction of personal computer business restructuring plan in the United States on sales and distribution channels to invest ... ... Although TCL and Lenovo after more than a year to gradually out of the predicament of losses, the internationalization process is not smooth sailing, but they go out of the practice to other Chinese enterprises to bring a lot of valuable experience.advantages of wood in manufacturing