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But these brands, we are engaged in the main and deputy brand strategy. The main brand in the market, we have to encourage the construction of Jilin forest workers. The original brand to extend to the owners of the brand Jilinsen, the main brand and the following brands have a mutual impact, the value of full play out, reflected. There is a transition. cheap outdoor flooring

Brand integration, including our floor, we now have some partners, these sales managers have come, you focus on the fixed cost of home decoration network, after you shop up, the future is not only to sell our laminate flooring, we After the integration, there are our solid wood convergence floor, as well as our other products. This kind of cooperation we have a piece to study. This is the future we have to integrate the problem. foam core composite panel

Advertising costs We initially consider to be 10 million to do marketing costs. The establishment of independent brands, has begun. But we have commissioned to join the many brands of experience in our strict quality management system, there are some mature assessment practices. In building our own brand, our resources, capital advantages, these advantages together, I am full of confidence.Make Steps of Plastic Lumber