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We buy solid wood flooring because of its environmental reasons, but also its natural, noble and comfortable. (Of course, some wood species of their own color is very small, such as: borneol fragrance, rich wood, wire sub, Taomu, etc.), because it is the use of defective plate through the repair of the color (the color of the wood is not a good color) outdoor flooring

How to identify the product itself is very small color or through the repair color of it? The method is simple: a careful look at the floor surface of a layer of paint is very thick. The floor surface is very thick paint will be dealt with the floor repair color. But some species of wood color itself is very large, many consumers have been a question, in the end what kind of color is called normal?decking tile directly on ground

Which is due to quality problems arising from the color? The reasons for the color of the floor there are the following points, the following points are the normal color of the color of the floor: 1, a box of flooring is made of some of the roots of the floor, some trees made with the flooring, The color of the floor near the tree bark is light and light. The place close to the tree is dark and heavy in weight.Plastic Cladding for Walls